The ball python

This is zookeeper Poul Engstrøm Stentebjerg’s calm and beautiful python. It is known for its defense strategy where it coils into a tight ball when threatened, with its head and neck tucked away in the middle.

This snake was photographed at the Natural History Museum, Naturama, in Denmark. 

The walnut orb-weaver spider

This is one of our common spiders in Denmark. During the day you will often find their web damaged and the spider hiding. As the sun sets they emerge from their hide to begin repair their web for trapping moths and other flying insects during the night. It can reach up to 70 cm in diameter with the center of the web pushed towards the spiders hiding place. 

The cinnabar moth

This is a larvae of the cinnabar moth, a slow flying butterfly that relies on it being poisonous more then its agility. The butterfly accumulates poison from eating the yellow common ragwort during its larvae stage. Both as larvae and full grown butterfly is has quite vibrant colours that warns predators of its poisonous internal. 

A wild rabbit 


The eurasian reed warbler


The roe deer





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